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April 16, 2012

Let me set the stage for the upcoming battle. I found studying Old Testament scriptures is the key to gaining insight into events leading up to the battle. These scriptures are Daniel 11, Joel 2, and Zechariah 14: 1- 4. The tribulation period is coming to an end; the Antichrist has broken his treaty with Israel, moved into Jerusalem with his entourage and he has desecrated the Jewish temple. While strengthening his kingdom, he hears of a planned attack against him from nations north and east of Jerusalem. The Antichrist, with his allies, plans a confrontation against his attacking enemies. Amid their warfare, they will look up and see Jesus coming in the clouds. The warring factions then unite to fight Jesus their common enemy.

In the latter part of Revelation chapter nineteen, the battle of Armageddon is mentioned.

John sees heaven open, and Jesus, who is called Faithful, True, Word of God, and a name is known only to Him, riding a white horse. His garment is dipped in blood, and the title King of King and Lord of Lords was written on it and his thigh. Following Jesus on white horses was His army clothed in fine, white, clean linen.

The birds of heaven were summoned by an angel to come to the impending slaughter to feast on the dead flesh of Jesus’ enemies which included kings, captains, mighty men, their horses, and men of all economic status.

After the battle, all were killed by the sharp sword in Christ’s mouth except the Antichrist, and the false prophet who was captured alive and both were cast into the lake of fire. They are the first to enter in it; the rest of the unbelievers will follow after the white throne judgment.

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