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April 18, 2012

For your information, there are three basic interpretations of the millennium. They are:

Postmillennialists – believe Christ is coming after the millennium.

Premillennialists – believe Christ will come before the millennium.

Amillennialists – believe that there will be no kingdom of Christ on earth.

This is what I believe the bible said. At the beginning of the millennium kingdom, as stated in Revelation, chapter twenty, an angel bounds Satan with a great chain and places him in the bottomless pit. He will reside there for one thousand years and then be loosed for a short time to deceive leaders and nations who will once again follow him and war against Jesus.

Also, at the beginning of the millennium reign, which is one thousand years, the first resurrection of martyred tribulation converts takes place. These martyrs are called blessed and holy, and they are exempt from the second death.

The earth will be inhabited by two kinds of people: those in mortal bodies who are capable of having children, and believers whose body have taken on immortality. The raptured believers, martyred converts, and one hundred forty-four thousand Jews will be reigning with Jesus on earth. The Bible says that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron; this is because humans are headstrong and rebellious; they are the ones in mortal bodies.

Nothing is said of Satan’s angels and demonic host while he is imprisoned; therefore, this leads me to conclude they remain on earth without a leader causing as much problem as they are able. Men will be willing participants in their folly, and when Satan is loosed from the pit, they will once again join him and do his bidding.

There will be environmental changes the earth experiences after the trauma of the tribulation. The land will be revitalized, animals will be amicable with humans and with one another, the air will be free of pollution, and man’s lifespan will increase. Also, Jerusalem will be the capital city of the world, and Jesus will reign and govern from this city.

For those of you that would like to read about the millennium kingdom here are some scriptures: Ezekiel 35:1-7, 36:33-38, 37:24-28; Isaiah 11:1-12, 35:1-7, 65:18-25; Micah 4: 1-7. My prayer for you is that you are not only reading these scriptures, but you will be living them with our Lord Jesus Christ.

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