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Recommended Books

One of the things that I enjoy doing is reading and recommending books that I feel will inspire, educate, and help fellow believers. To this end I have established this page to share with you books that I feel are valuable for your personnel and Christian development.

I am an Amazon Associate; therefore, the books that I recommend can be purchased from their site. You have the option to choose to download the book or receive a paper copy. Just follow the link for easy access (left-click on book cover).


1. Deliverance for Children and Teen by Bill Banks. It has been researched and documented that most of our problems started when we were children and because they were not resolved we are now a dysfunctional adult. This book takes you back into your childhood, exposes the attacks of the enemy, the gates that were open that led to our dysfunction and deliverance techniques that you can employ. This is a book that I usually recommend to my clients in my private practice and those that read it reported they were blessed and enlighten by it.

2. Lost and Found: Finding Hope in the Detours of Life by Sarah Jakes. As I read this book I was amazed and keenly aware of the plan of Satan to use any means possible to destroy the plan of God for our lives. He uses our insecurities and low self-esteem to defeat us, but as with Sarah, after a hard unbelievable journey she is rising above the ashes. I have seen people who felt Sarah was a young woman without much experience, question why her dad, Bishop Jakes placed her over the Women’s Ministry at The Potter House. Well, if you read this book you will understand why. It is a skillfully written transparent expose’.


3. The Making of a Leader by Frank Damazio. This is a must have book for every minister or student of the Word. It contains a wealth of information on the subject of biblical leadership and it ignites a desire for more knowledge of the Word. If you purchase this book you will have difficulty putting it down.



4. The Elijah Task by John and Paula Sanford. To me this book is a classic. At one time it went out of print; however, it has now been reprinted. For anyone that is in prophetic ministry, this is a book that you should have as a resource/ reference book. In this book the authors’ share information on dreams, visions, dark speeches, intercession and prophetic training. Also, this book will bring clarity and insight into how God ministers to you in the prophetic realm.


5. Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets. I have read many books on prayer and all of them were good but this one is excellent and comprehensive. This is the kind of book that you read and reread and reread. It contains so much information that you will feel like you are at a buffet. If you purchase it, you have spent your money profitably.



6. Transformed by Thomas Weeks Sr. This book discusses the metamorphosis of a willing and obedient believer. It explains how the transformation process is a learning experience with rules that must be followed to move from the realm of favor to authority and finally to privilege. God has so much for us, the question is, “Are you willing to go after it?”



7. Revelation Unveiled by Tim LaHaye. If you are interested in eschatology or understanding the times in which we presently live, this is the book for you. Mr. LaHaye who also co-wrote the fictional “LEFT BEHIND SERIES” masterfully writes this comprehensive book on Revelation. He dissects each chapter of Revelation bringing clarity and insight into future events and because of the magnitude of information shared this will be a slow read.


8. The Law of Recognition by Mike Murdock. This book was written in an attempt to displace ignorance with wisdom. There are so many areas in our life that should be flourishing; however, they lay dormant, untapped, undiscovered, abused and misused, and this is the results of not recognizing what is in you and who is around you. This book gives simple principles on gifts, opportunities and relationships to assist believers in fulfilling their God ordained destiny and purpose. It is an easy enjoyable read.


9. The Hour That Changes the World by Dick Eastman. If you are in the group of persons that have difficulty praying for more than 15 minutes this book is for you. The author breaks down one hour into twelve 5 minute segments with each segment having a different prayer focus. By using this plan you will find yourself praying more than one hour and you will also probably enjoy doing it.


10. On The Edge of Time. If you read the “LEFT BEHIND SERIES” by Tim LaHaye, I highly recommend this 2 volume series “ON THE EDGE OF TIME” written by Russell Scalzo and Steven Mamchak. These books are written with the focus on the persecution of the Jewish nation during the tribulation. Though fictional the authors accurately incorporated the judgments, characters, and events that is written in the book of Revelation. As I was reading tears would often flood my eyes and I would have to stop and pray. Also, these are a good witnessing tool for your unsaved loves ones that enjoy reading.

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