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April 13, 2012

Revelation chapter nineteen opens with John hearing the praises of people in heaven concerning God judging the great whore for her sinful acts and avenging the slaughter of believers. Joining in with worship were the twenty-four elders and the four beasts.

Next praises were given for the marriage of the Lamb to his bride the church. Scripture tells us the Lamb is Jesus, and the bride who was dressed in the material of royalty was called blessed for being participants at the marriage supper.

Ephesians chapter five talks about the love Jesus had for His bride. He was willing to give Himself for her, cleanse her, and sanctify her. A truthful, loving, eternal relationship is His desire, and it is accomplished at this marriage. I am happy I am part of the bride of Christ and will be spending eternity with Him.

Finally, John was stopped when he started to worship the angel that had shared such wonderful things with him.  And once again, we are reminded that only God should receive our worship.

One Comment
  1. Eleanor Davis permalink

    Thanks Shepherd Mother, it has once again wonderful. I’ve been blessed, and I will share this with others. Be blessed, and may you continual to do the will of God.

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