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March 2, 2012

As I am writing this blog, my mind is being stretched, and I need to share some thoughts with you.

There has been much discussion, debate, and speculation on Revelation, chapter nine. Questions have been posed on whether the events in these next two judgments are real, or symbolic. I believe that just as we are told of beings in heaven that does not look like us humans, beings are existing and functioning in the spirit realm that we may find hideous.

Sci-fi movies, producers, and writers have already exposed us to creatures from other planets. In these films, we have seen our planet invaded, and our futile attempts to annihilate these invading creatures. Up until the tribulation, this has all been imaginary. What if things are about to change? As seen in many movies, the invisible becomes visible to the horror and surprise of mankind. Remember, during the tribulation, things are not going to be business as usual.

As humans, our reality is limited to this earthly realm. Could it be during the tribulation the earth realm will openly interact with the spirit realm? Whether the demonic host is symbolic of actual military devices, an invading army, or an unseen force as some have assumed all I can say, “Look out world.”

One Comment
  1. I think Revelation 9 is totally symbolic and totally real at the same time. I believe that at any given time those unusual beings and the spirit realm could be revealed to us if God chooses to allow us to see them. But I also believe that at the same time those forces are at work regardless of whether we can see them or not and humans will be affected by what those beings do in the earth realm.

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