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February 29, 2012

Before the last three trumpets are sounded an angel flies in the midheaven declaring, “Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth.” These three woes are to alert the inhabitants of the seriousness of the events that will shortly take place. The definition of woe is: calamity, sorrow, misery, grief. There are three woes which mean things will be intensified by threes.

The next two trumpets judgments take us into the spirit world. As believers we need to know that there is another realm that is more real than earth. In this realm there are two kingdoms: God’s kingdom and Satan’s kingdom. Each of these kingdoms has spirit beings that follow the instruction of their leader. There is a hierarchical system in place, and there are location and role assignments.

In reading the scriptures on the next two trumpets judgments we are introduced to demonic locust that came out of a bottomless pit, an angel that is king over the pit and its occupants, angels that are bound at a specific location, and demonic horses with a lion head and tail like a serpent. All of these things are part of the Satan’s kingdom and from God’s kingdom we are exposed to as angel that is gigantic.

Many have questioned if these demonic beings should be taken literal or are they symbolic? You decide; I will not try to determine what they are but rather share what they will do.

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