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March 5, 2012

As chapter nine begins the fifth angel sounds his trumpet and a star (angel) falls from heaven to earth with a key to open up the bottomless pit. In the bible the pit is defined as: a place of detention, imprisoning chamber, an abyss, a place where evil is shut up and bound. After the pit is open smoke rises from it to heaven darkening the atmosphere and sun.

Along with the smoke came demon locusts which were given authority to torment the men worldwide that did not have the seal of God in their foreheads for five months. Ordinarily, locusts usually devour all green vegetation in their path; however these were prohibited from doing so. They had the ability to discern humans from vegetation and their focus was on humans. These locusts were likened to scorpions in their attack; for their tail which was similar to a scorpion’s tail administered an excruciating sting that made humans want to die but were unable to do so.

Verses seven through ten gives a vivid description of the locusts which could be a seen as an overwhelming military force. These intelligent creatures were ferocious, attractive, cruel, not easily penetrated, loud, and clamorous.

As I previously stated there is order in the spirit realm; so the locust had a king named Abaddon or Apollyan which interpreted means destruction or destroyer. This king was not only king over the locusts, but also the pit.

The first woe is past and there are two more to come.

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