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January 7, 2012

According to Revelation 1:10, John was in the spirit when Jesus first spoke to him. The voice came from behind him. The voice was loud and clear, but it came from a direction that made it indistinguishable to John. To recognize who was speaking to him, John had to turn to see the voice; and being turned, he saw. (Revelation 1:12)

This was John the beloved disciple, the one who was in Jesus’ inner circle, the one with whom Jesus entrusted His mother when He was on the cross, and the one who was in the spirit on the Lord’s day; yet, he did not recognize the voice of Jesus.

When John turned (changed his position), he saw the greatness of Jesus and all that Jesus represented.

In our Christian walk, though we are spiritual and in a relationship with God, we sometimes do not recognize that God is speaking to us because He is speaking from an unexpected direction. Thus, we need to change our position to receive enlightenment. The things that we hear see, or experience may overwhelm us; however, God is there to strengthen and guide us through the process.

  1. Mary Witherspoon permalink

    I love this. It was an eye opening. Though we may be spiritual in our thinking and have a relationship with God, sometimes he is speaking from an unfamiliar place and we need to be able to adjust to the new direction God is speaking from. Love it.

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