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January 9, 2012

In bible numerology, the number seven represents completion and perfection. In the book of Revelation the number seven will be seen numerous times in various scenarios. The first two sevens are given with their interpretation by Jesus.
They are:
Seven candlesticks: seven churches
Seven Stars: angels, (leaders of the church)

The stars (angel/leaders) found in the right hand of Jesus, which denotes a place of favor and support. The letters to the seven churches directed to the angel (leader) of that particular church. Jesus used the protocol. His message is sent to the leader (pulpit) and not to the church (pew). It was then the leaders’ responsibility to deliver the message to their church.

The candlesticks represent the church as the vehicle that brings light to the world, and a source generates it; namely, Jesus, whose presence is to be in the midst of the church.

Revelation chapters 2- 3 serves as an example of the problems and strengthens not only in the churches of Asia but also in our present-day churches. After studying these churches, some commentators believe each church represented a stage in history from the first century to our current age. For those of you that are lovers of history; this would be a great personal study for you.

To assist us in understanding the letters to the seven churches, many commentators suggest examining the contents of each letter using the following guidelines:
Salutation (greetings)
Commendations (praise)
Reproof (rebuke, existing faults)
Exhortation (admonishment, encouragement)
Promise (pledge)

In our study of chapters 2-3, I will briefly discuss some of the findings from these guidelines of each of the letters. I will also address the characteristics and state of each church.

As we conclude chapter 1, a few helpful hints to remember are:
1. The chapters in Revelation separates two stories which parallel one another; one occurs in the earth and the other in heaven.
2. Revelation covers past, present, and future events.

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