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January 6, 2012

The theme of the book of Revelation can be found in Revelation1:7, which is the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. This verse is not referring to the rapture, but the return of Jesus to the earth to set up His millennium reign on earth after the Battle of Armageddon.

Imagine the day of Christ return. He alerts His angels and body of believers who have been with him in heaven during the tribulation, “This is the day of my return to earth. Get ready we are going to leave at such and such a time.” The time comes, and we begin to descend through space. We leave the third heaven (the abode of God, angels, heavenly creatures, and believers), passed through the second heaven (outer space) seeing the sun, moon, stars, and planets around us, and arrive at the first heaven (earth atmosphere).

What a sight to behold!!! The heaven filled with Jesus, millions of angels, and believers. Our modern day technology will allow every eye to behold Him. As I read the scriptures, I now understand why Jesus had not returned sooner. Many of the events that will happen during the tribulation onward, as recorded in the scriptures, needed high tech devises that are now in existence.

Yes, the world will probably think aliens are invading them. For some, this sight will likely cause a heart attack, while others quake in fear and others take up arms to fight.

Now is our opportunity to choose if we will be in the group descending from heaven or the ones fearfully looking up.

One Comment
  1. Marsha permalink

    I loved the technology explanation for the timing of the return.

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