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March 12, 2012

As I begin to blog on chapter eleven, I must remind you that Revelation is not written chronologically. This particular chapter talks about events and two witnesses that will be living on earth during the first half of the tribulation period.

At the beginning of the tribulation, the Antichrist will make a covenant with the Jews permitting them to build their temple in Jerusalem and offer their sacrifices according to the Mosaic Law. This is why John was told to measure out the temple. During the last forty-two months of the tribulation, which is known as the great tribulation, the Antichrist breaks his covenant with the Jews, and he and Gentile persons will desecrate the temple and holy city.

Two witnesses clothed in sackcloth will be God’s ministers assigned to ministry in Jerusalem. The witnesses are also called olive trees and candlesticks. Their actual identity is unknown; however, they perform miracles like those done by Moses in Egypt. Men will fear them for fire proceeds out of their mouth to kill anyone who would bodily threaten them. At the end of their three and a half years’ ministry, God will allow the Antichrist to kill these two witnesses. Their bodies will lie on the street of Jerusalem unburied for three and one-half days while the people who rejected their preaching celebrate over their demise. Then the Spirit of Life re-enters their bodies, and they stand up, causing great fear to come on the onlookers. A great voice from heaven calls to them, and they ascend to heaven in a cloud.

The two witnesses will be ministering during the early stage of the Antichrists’ rise to power. Since his ultimate goal is to be the world dictator, their message is not one that he will receive or desired propagated. He will probably be the instigator behind many attempts to kill these witnesses. I can only imagine during the tribulation as things become more restrictive, and the economy changes, the media broadcasting will come under the influence of the Antichrist. So, when he finally succeeds in the murder of the witnesses, he will feel exhilarated and will have it all blasted on the media for everyone to behold. This is how the world will get to see the death and unexpected resurrection of the witnesses.

Within the same hour of the two witnesses’ ascension, there is a tremendous earthquake in Jerusalem that destroys a tenth part of the city and kills seven thousand men. This finally gets the attention of men, and they begin to praise God.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Wow that is heavy! No, please continue. I am absolutely loving this blog! Since I just started I really want to get caught up!

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