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March 9, 2012

Between the sounding of the sixth and seventh trumpet, John sees a gigantic angel descend from heaven with a small open book in his hand and physical attributes that represented: God’s covenant with man, strength and judgment. This angel places his left foot on the earth, his right foot on the sea which denotes authority over the whole earth, and then he cries out with a loud lion roar.

Seven thunders began to talk, and John started to record what they said but then was instructed not to do so. Have you ever been told to hush when it is thundering because God is talking or mad with the world? Well, now we know that thunder talks. Isn’t it amazing to understand the elements have a voice? The creations of God are awesome.

The gigantic angel made an oath to God concerning end time events no longer being delayed and the revelation of the mystery of God (God’s reason for the plan of salvation) being disclosed. I have often wondered why God permitted sin, and since He knows our beginning from the end why He did not just make the earth inhabited with only believers. My questions will be answered, and I am sure you too probably have a few.

John was instructed to take the book from the angel and eat it. It was sweet in his mouth but bitter in his stomach. The word can be easily consumed; however, digesting and applying it is difficult. Also, the thought of the return of Jesus to earth is wonderful, but the events that must take place before his return is gut retching.

Finally, though John is in prison on the Isle of Patmos, he is informed his ministry days are not over; for he has yet to appear before kings and nations of people.

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