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March 31, 2023

From my reading of the scriptures, it appears that God meant for treasures to be in His house, and here is how I came to that conclusion

When the children of Israel were leaving Egypt, God told them to borrow jewels of silver and gold from their neighbor. Scriptures revealed the Israelites found favor in the sight of the Egyptians, so they lent them such things as they required (Exodus 11:2; 12:36). Thus when it was time for the Israelites to build the tabernacle, they were able to give of their possession willingly. They gave gold, silver, brass, blue, purple, scarlet, fine linen, goats’ hair, red ram’s skins, badgers’ skins, shittim wood, oil, spices for anointing oil, sweet incense, and various stones for the ephod, and the breastplate. Furthermore, Exodus 36:7 revealed Moses sent a proclamation throughout the camp stopping the people from offering any more stuff because they had more than enough to do the work.

When David was king, he gathered treasure for his son Solomon to build a magnificent temple. David said in 1 Chronicles 29:2-5, Now I have prepared with all my might for the house of my God the gold for things to be made of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and the brass for things of brass, the iron for things of iron, and wood for things of wood; onyx stones, and stones to be set, glistering stones, and of divers colours, and all manner of precious stones, and marble stones in abundance. Moreover, because I have set my affection to the house of my God, I have of mine own proper good, of gold and silver, which I have given to the house of my God, over and above all that I have prepared for the holy house. Even three thousand talents of gold, of the gold of Ophir, and seven thousand talents of refined silver, to overlay the walls of the houses withal: The gold for things of gold, and the silver for things of silver, and for all manner of work to be made by the hands of artificers.” Additionally, the chief of the fathers, princes of the tribes, the captains, and the rulers of the king’s work, gave five thousand talents of gold, ten thousand drams, ten thousand talents of silver, eighteen thousand talents of brass, and one hundred thousand talents of iron.

After the temple was built, King Solomon brought in the silver, gold, and the vessels that David had dedicated and placed them among the treasures in the house of the Lord (1 Kings 7:51; 2 Chronicles 5:1).  

When Judah’s disobedient kings and citizens sinned, God would allow the enemy to defeat them and plunder the treasures which were in the temple. Then when an obedient king was ruling, he would once again bring dedicated silver, gold, and vessels back into the temple (1 Kings 14:25-28; 15:11-18; 2 Chronicles 24:8-14; 28:19-25).

After seventy years of bondage in Babylon, King Artaxerxes allowed those who wanted to return to Jerusalem. He permitted Ezra, the priest, to carry silver and gold, which he, his counselors, the people, and the priests, offered willingly for the house of God in Jerusalem (Ezra 7:13-16; 8:24-30).

Finally, when Israel became delinquent in giving tithes and offerings for the temple, God addressed them and told them they were robbing Him. To remedy this, they were to bring all the tithes into the storehouse so that there would be provisions in His house. For their obedience in following this instruction, God declared an opening of the windows of heaven and pouring of bountiful blessing to them (Malachi 3:8-10).

From Moses’s building of the tabernacle to the present, people’s offerings have supported the house of God. I firmly believe this mandate from God has not stopped; as people give, it shall be given to them. It takes the commitment of everyone involved, and whether a small or large congregation, God will cause treasures to be in his house as we willingly give. Today if you have been negligent or grudgeful in your giving, ask God to change your attitude and help you so you may be numbered with those that cause treasures to be in God’s house.


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