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January 7, 2023

I recently heard a presentation by a minister who talked about the celebration of Christmas that the world does with giving gifts, and when he said, “Jesus is a gift you won’t outgrow,” I was stirred.”

In our world, some celebrate Christmas December 25 as the day Jesus Christ was born; however, some biblical scholars believe Christ was born in the spring while others believe His birth took place in the fall. For those who believe He is our savior and redeemer, the date of His birth does not matter. What is important to us is that he was born and came to earth with a purpose.

God gave us a great gift by sending his son to earth to be born of a woman, and this son fulfilled the promise He made to the serpent in Genesis 3. Jesus came and defeated the works of our enemy and provided sozo for all that would accept Him. Besides sozo, a few more things that Jesus does for us are: He loves us, forgives us, restores us, helps us, intercedes for us, reconciles us back to the Father, teaches us, and blesses us. This list could go on and on, for Jesus is our complete package.

In this life, we outgrow many things, such as friends, jobs, clothes, shoes, and childhood games, but we can never outgrow Jesus. He meets all our needs at every stage of our life. So, at this time, though some may not recognize the gift they will not outgrow, I do and I am grateful for HIM.


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