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December 10, 2022

The late Reverend Myles Munroe gave this definition for the kingdom, “Kingdom is the sovereign rulership and governing influence of a king over his territory impacting it with his will, intent, power, principles, laws, and values producing a community of citizens that reflect the culture and lifestyle of the king.” Unquestionably, we know one thing about God and His kingdom: He is always working for He never slumbers nor sleeps. So, if believers who are His kingdom citizens reflect Him, they are to be workers.

From the beginning of time, God designed man with the ability to be employed. As seen in Genesis 2, when God placed Adam in the Garden of Eden before He gave him a wife, He gave him employment (Genesis 2;15). After Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s instructions and ate of the tree of knowledge, they were expelled from the garden and were told work would no longer be easy for henceforth, the ground would be cursed, and they would sweat as they worked. Work did not cease with the fall; it just became back-breaking.

Notably, throughout the Bible, except for sick individuals, those highlighted people were usually working. When Jesus chose his disciples, they were all employed. Additionally, many of the parables that Jesus shared center around the theme of working and the rewards for doing so. Such is the parable quoted in Matthew 25 of the man traveling to a far country that gave his servants talents. When the man returned home, these servants had to give an account of how they worked their talents. The reward for multiplying what they received was not to go and rest but to receive a promotion with greater responsibility and employment. And yes, this parable reveals the plan of God for our future, where all believers will be involved in kingdom employment.

Understanding that our time in heaven can be viewed as a honeymoon with our Lord and Savior, it may be the only time believers are not required to work. However, like every honeymoon, it ends, and the participants must return home and return to work. Thusly, after returning to earth with Jesus, all capable believers will have kingdom employment.


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