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December 17, 2021

2 Samuel 15 reveals that Absalom had planned a coup for he wanted the people’s loyalty and allegiance to be transferred from his father to him. Apparently, he felt he was the heir apparent, and he did not want to wait until the death of King David; so, here is what he did. First, to impress his countrymen, he had an entourage of fifty men run before him when he was traveling. Then to steal the hearts of the people, he rose early and stood by the city gate where judicial matters were handled to intercept individuals that were coming to the king to hear their case. He planted the idea in their minds that he would have provided a better judgment for them if he was in charge, and at the end of their encounter, Absalom embraced and kissed them. This strategic behavior of Absalom went on for multiple years until he was ready for the coup.

Absalom asked King David for permission to go to Hebron under the pretense he was carrying out a vow he made to God while in Geshur. Meantime he sent out secret messages to the tribes of Israel saying, “As soon as ye hear the sound of the trumpet, then ye shall say, Absalom reigneth in Hebron.”  Additionally, Absalom called Ahithophel the Gilonite, King David’s counselor, and two hundred unsuspecting men from Jerusalem to accompany him to Hebron.

Word reaches King David that there was a conspiracy underway against him. He gathered his household and evacuated Jerusalem along with his six hundred Gittites guards and his personal bodyguards of Cherethites and Pelethites. King David did this to keep Jerusalem safe and escape being captured by Absalom. Left to keep the palace were ten of King David’s concubines.

The Levites, Zadok, and Abiathar, the priests followed King David with the ark of the covenant; however, King David had them return to Jerusalem with the responsibility of protecting the ark and an assignment of reporting to him the plans of Absalom. Also, Ittai the Gittite came to David and refused to be deterred by him, so he, his men, their families joined King David’s company.

David and all the people with him proceeded up the Mount of Olives, covering their heads and weeping. Upon arrival, King David worshipped God and persuaded Hushai the Archite to go to Jerusalem and become a secret agent for him by pledging allegiance to Absalom. He was to work at defeating the counsel of Ahithophel, who had defected to Absalom, and forward vital information to Abiathar and Zadok concerning Absalom’s movement. They would then send this information to the king by their sons Ahimaaz and Jonathan. Chapter 15 ends with Absalom coming into Jerusalem.

As I have done in the previous blogs, I recommend reading chapter 15 to obtain more details than the summary I provided. Now here are some truths (spiritual nuggets) that I gained from this chapter:

  • A true friend and faithful followers will stick with you and find it difficult to leave you.
  • In life, you will have people that will walk with you through dangerous terrain.
  • Sometimes you are abandoned by the people in whom you invested much.
  • When a person you trusted betrays you, it is heartbreaking.
  • A wise person knows how to be a tactician while experiencing difficulty.
  • A true leader cares about the welfare of others.
  • When in foreign territory, trust God to bring you home safely.
  • Pray for God’s intervention in your time of trouble.
  • When people respect you, they will follow your instructions.
  • No matter your circumstance, worship is vital.
  • God sends solutions amid your worship.

Also, continuing in the same fashion of my last blog, I want to share from chapter fifteen some key characteristics of those who exhibit an Absalom spirit:

  • While you are resting, this spirit is plotting.
  • They seek to promote themselves and desire the praises of men.
  • They seek to win the attention and affection of people.
  • They are a conniver, flatterer, deceiver, pretender, and liar.
  • Though they are not, they appear sincere to the unexpectant.
  • They will mesmerize and endear themselves to people.
  • They belittle leadership.
  • They want leadership positions, and they view others as incompetent.
  • They seek to judge people’s problems.
  • They manipulate people’s emotions.
  • They will question the leader’s ability to lead and make sound judgments.
  • They will use innocent people to promote their agenda.
  • Eventually, they will show his true colors.
  • This spirit thinks of himself more highly than he ought.
  • They will cause disloyalty, discontentment, and division among the people..

I pray this information is helpful and that the Spirit of Absalom will not be found in you.


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    Did you develop this web site yourself? Please reply back as I’m trying to create my own blog and would love to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called.


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