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March 21, 2020

Due to our present world crisis, the Coronavirus or Covid-19, and the stats I read today (Total Confirmed Cases – 277,049, Active cases – 174,744, Recovered cases- 90,883, and Fatal cases- 11,422) I decided not to post the blog I was writing for this week. Instead, this week’s blog is an invitation to go into the archive of my website and spend some time reading the 56 blogs I did on the book of Revelation. I began blogging January 2, 2012, and the book of Revelation was where I began going from chapter to chapter describing the major events that will occur in the future.

Besides the fear, anxiety, and depression that many are expressing and experiencing during this crisis, I am hearing people talk about what we call “end time events”. Therefore, I want to help those who had difficulty reading Revelation to understand what is about to shortly happen.

For those that understand the times, we can see how the stage is being set for the rapture, the tribulation, and the rise of the Antichrist. Unfortunately, many are clueless and some proclaim erroneous information on what they think is going to happen. I believe my blogs will help them for they were written thoroughly and simplistically so that even a child could understand.

In closing let me say the book of Revelation is one of my favorite books and I spent years studying it and teaching it. So, I hope you will read the blogs or direct others that you know need to understand eschatology to them. (To quickly find the blogs look for the REVELATION SERIES with the starting date of January 2, 2012).

God bless you and keep you covered under the blood of Jesus.

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