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February 8, 2020

I haven’t written or posted a blog since January 11, 2020, because I was away on a mission trip in Uganda. While there with the mission group, we were able to minister the Word and give clothes, food bundles, candy, footwear, stuffed animals, school books and school supplies to the needy in five different communities. This was my fourth year going to Uganda and as I did in the past, I came home forever thankful that I live in America.

You may be asking why I am forever thankful, so let me share some of the conditions that exist in Uganda and you will understand. In 2017 the population of Uganda was 42 million persons and the recorded poverty rate for 2016 was 87% of the population. Thus, you will see people young and old begging or trying to sell some items to get monies and this goes on from early morning to late at night.

Most families do not have indoor plumbing, bathrooms, or kitchens. They cook their food out-doors, use the community out-house, and get their water from the community water hole station. You will see all ages of people carrying containers to the water hole to get water to use in their homes and this water is sometimes contaminated causing the people to get infectious diseases.

In Uganda, a large portion of the children is uneducated because parents must pay for them to attend school. The cost of the fees that the parents must pay for a child to attend school is approximately $100. a year and for those parents that are working their annual salary ranges from $80. to $120.; therefore, for many Ugandan parents, educating their children is not a priority when they don’t have a job, trying to get monies to feed their family and scraping up monies to pay rent.

The roads in Uganda are horrific, there are hardly any traffic lights, and most people’s mode of transportation is a motorcycle. It is pure chaos.

If you go to the hospital, the doctors may not tell you what is wrong; if you are hospitalized, you need to bring your own sheets and if you have surgery, you need to bring bandages.

I could continue sharing things, but these are just a few reasons why I am forever thankful. I realize I take so many things for granted because of the privileges I experience living in America, but I’ve learned from my trips to Uganda that as bad as sometimes think of America, I need to shut my mouth and be forever thankful that I live here.

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