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October 12, 2019

I’ve been praying about what I consider our horrifying, unbelievable, national situation, and the Holy Spirit reminded me that God uses wicked nations and people to fulfill His purpose. This fact is seen throughout the Bible, and usually God used these nations and people to punish the Israelites when they continually disobeyed His laws.

As recorded in the book of Judges, the Mesopotamians, Moabite, Canaanites, Midianite, Ammonites, and Philistines were allowed to oppress Israel. Furthermore, as recorded during each of these incidents the oppression lasted for numerous years until Israel repented of their wrongdoings.

After Israel was divided into the northern and southern kingdom, each of them had the opportunity to serve God and obey the instructions He gave them. When the northern kingdom of Israel willfully disobeyed the voice of God, under the Assyrians leadership of Tiglathpileser, Shalmaneser, and Sargon and over a period of years, the capital city of Samaria was captured, resulting in twenty-seven thousand Jews taken captives to Assyria.

The pagan king, Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was used to chastise the southern kingdom a century later when they followed in the footsteps and ways of their northern kingdom relatives. After seventy years God extended His mercy to them, and under the edict of another heathen king and leadership of Zerubbabel, son of Salathiel, fifty thousand Jews returned to Jerusalem.

After the ascension of Jesus, God used the Romans to slay millions of Jews and place thousands into slavery because obedience to Him was not part of their lifestyle.

As you see, God used wicked people to punish Israel for their disobedience to His laws and statutes. So, I’m thinking seeing how wickedness and lawlessness are prevailing in our country, and believers are assimilating in the actions of the unbeliever. Maybe, God is trying to get our attention, and perhaps if we that are part of His kingdom would humble ourselves, pray more, and obey His Word, God would move on our behalf and restore civility to our nation. What do you think?

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