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May 25, 2019

I recently revisited my blog archive and was surprised to find out that I’ve been blogging for over seven years. The first blog that I posted was part of a series on the book of Revelation, and since that time, I have done eleven series and over seventy-five uncategorized post covering various subjects.

On last Sunday one of the associate ministers of my church preached, “Shake It or Drop it” and I was inspired to go home and pull up notes that I had on the eagle and do further research. (You can see this message on YouTube under the Bethlehem Community Church, Evangelist Eleanor Davis- 5/19/I9.)

I thought that I would have completed gathering information, writing, and posting a blog on the eagle on today; however, in developing the blog, I realized I needed more time. So, this brings me to today blog which is a reminder that some things take a longer time to complete and rather than rushing and not doing justice to your project, slow down and take your time.

Even God, according to the scriptures, took six days in creating this earth and at the completion of each day, He saw what He had done was good. Therefore, I encourage you as I encourage myself to remain consistent, keep moving even though you may not be going as fast as you desire, for eventually you and I will get our task completed and prayerfully be satisfied with the results.

Additionally, besides this series, I have some other series that I have begun preparing to blog, so I solicit your prayers, and may God continue to bless you.

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