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April 27, 2019

Living in America may have its challenges, but one of them is not religious freedom. We are so privileged that we can decide which religious group with whom we want to affiliate, we can change from one denomination to another, we can be agnostic, or an atheist. We have taken these religious freedoms for granted and fail to realize that a large portion of the world’s population does not have the same privileges as we do. Many are being imprisoned, tortured, and killed for acknowledging a belief that is contrary to the belief of the government in which they reside. Thus, every time I think about this fact, I say, “Thanks to God.”

Besides having religious freedom, we have the right to own religious material. In my library, I have all kinds of Bibles to which I have access 24 hours a day. I can display them, read them, hold them, and talk about them freely. Unlike those that live in the world’s most difficult and dangerous mission fields, I don’t have to hide my Word. I don’t have to read my Word secretly by candlelight or in the dark of night, and I can read the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation and not a tore out page of the Bible that someone covertly gave me.

Being able to read affords me the opportunity to know that the Word cleanses, cuts, discerns, sanctifies, protects, builds me up, guides, converts, satisfies, causes growth, builds my faith, teaches, reveals the will of God for my life, and reveals the love of God and Christ. Additionally, I don’t have to question others for answers or take their word as truth; I can read the Word for myself.

Besides the many hard copy Bibles I have, I also have the Word on tape, CDs, my smartphone, iPad, and Kindle. Unfortunately, the use of the equipment to hear the tapes and CDs have become obsolete, and the use of our present-day techno gadgets can be cut at any time if we have a power grid failure. So, it is wise to own and keep a hard copy of the Bible.

Finally, with the realization of all the Word provides and how the Word could vanish for those that only have it on their gadgets, my prayer today for you and me is that we daily read the Word and most importantly cherish it.

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