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February 9, 2019

As the day that Haman had scheduled for the demise of the Jews drew near the Jews throughout the Persian Empire came together in their cities to defend themselves against their enemies. An added military aide to defeat their enemies was given to the Jews by all the rulers, lieutenants, deputies, and officers of the king, because of the fame and notoriety of Mordecai. Thus, in the providences outside of Shushan, seventy-five thousand men were slain on the thirteenth day of Adar.

In Shushan, on the thirteenth day of Adar, the Jews slew five hundred men and the ten sons of Haman. Next, upon Esther’s request, an additional day was granted to the Jews by King Ahasuerus to deal with their enemies that lived in Shushan specifically. So, on the fourteenth day of Adar three hundred more men were killed and the ten sons of Haman were publicly hung upon the gallows for all to see. Furthermore, despite given the opportunity to seize the property and goods of their enemy, the Jews in all of the provinces choose not to do so.

On the fourteenth day of Adar, the Jews that were not in Shushan celebrated their victory with a day of rest and festivities; however, the Jews in Shushan after their two days of fighting celebrated a day of rest with festivities on day fifteen.

Finally, Mordecai wrote an order and sent it throughout the Persian Empire informing the Jews that they should annually commemorate this event which they called “Purim” with a two-day celebration which was to be held on the fourteenth and fiftieth of Adar and involved rehearsing the events pertaining to the annihilation of the Jews, giving of gifts, giving provisions to the poor, and feasting. Queen Esther sent a second letter confirming this event, which was also to be remembered throughout every generation as a memorial of God’s protection for His people.

Chapter 10 which is the last chapter in the book contains only three verses which described the actions and riches of King Ahasuerus and the influence and fame of Mordecai who was concerned with the wealth and peace of the Jews.

There is strength in unity. When the Jews came together, along with the assistance of the government officials and their military forces, the enemy was defeated.

As seen in Esther 9:2, when God causes men to fear you they will not harm you. Pray that God will cause your enemies to fear Him and you.

Though the Jews were given the opportunity and right to confiscate the spoil of their enemy, they did not, for they were concerned with life over gaining riches.

Lest men forget, the story of Esther was recorded in the Bible, celebrated annually by the Jews under the name Purim, rehearsed yearly, written in letters by Esther and Mordecai and kept in the royal documents. Let us not forget the notable events that happen in our lives. Record them and share them from one generation to another.

Don’t forget your roots. Mordecai was elevated to the second highest position in the Persian Empire, but he continued to serve his people.

Both Esther and Mordecai, who were foreigners in their land of residence, were used of God to save a nation. You are outside your comfort zone for a reason. Don’t try to escape or retreat but rather expect God to use you right where you are. So, I close this series using the words of Mordecai, “Who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”


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