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December 29, 2018

With the completion of the three days, fast Esther adorned herself in her royal attire and went to the inner court of King Ahasuerus’s house. When the king who was sitting on his royal throne viewed Esther in the court, she obtained his favor, and he held out the golden scepter to which Esther drew near and touched the top of it.

The king inquired of Esther request, and she told him that she was inviting him and Haman to a banquet that evening to which the king responded positively. At the banquet that evening King Ahasuerus once again asked Esther her petition, and he again stated that he would give her half of the kingdom if she desired it, but Esther just requested them to come to another banquet on tomorrow.

After leaving the banquet, Haman felt jubilant until he saw Mordecai who did not bow to him in the king’s gate. When he got home he gathered his friends, and Zeresh his wife and told them of his banquet experience, his invite to go again on the morrow evening, his riches and elevations in the empire, and what he felt was a defiant act by Mordecai which left him feeling angered and frustrated.

Haman’s friends and his wife suggested a seventy-five-foot gallows be made on which to hang Mordecai the next day after securing the king’s permission to do so. This suggestion was accepted by Haman, and he ordered the gallows built.

Use the actions of Esther as an example. After fasting and praying, proceed with confidence knowing, God is directing your path.

God can cause you to receive favor when you need it.

Learn when to speak and when to be quiet.

We are often in a hurry for justice to be meted out; however, we can rest in the knowledge that the wheels of justice may move slowly, but it grinds exceedingly fine. God has a plan for your enemies, and it will eventually come to pass.

Haman was obsessed with the fact that Mordecai did not respect his position, and it fueled his wrath toward Mordecai. There are people in all our lives that have different religious beliefs and cultural difference than ours, and though we may disagree with them, we must respect their decision and right to practice their beliefs.


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