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November 3, 2018

In chapter two, it was harvest time in Bethlehem and Naomi, and Ruth had settled down in the town.

Aware of the provision made for widows in Bethlehem Ruth requested permission from Naomi to go to the field to glean, and unknowingly she was providentially led to the field of Boaz who was not only wealthy but a near kinsman of Naomi’s husband, Elimelech.

On this, her first day of gleaning Boaz also came to the field. At first, he greeted his reapers, and then he questioned his foreman about this new woman. Finding out it was Ruth, Boaz approached her and instructed her for her protection against assault to glean solely in his fields along with his handmaids, and she was allowed to refresh herself with the water provided for his servants when she felt thirsty.

Ruth, in humble gratitude, bowed down before Boaz and asked him about his generosity toward her. Boaz responded by telling her God, whom she now trusts was rewarding her for her positive actions and devotion toward her deceased husband and Naomi.

Later in the day, Boaz instructed her to feel free to eat some of the food provided for his workers, and he gave her freshly roasted corn to eat. Additionally, Boaz instructed his workers to be respectful of Ruth and to purposely drop barley in Ruth’s path, allowing her to have abundant provision to take home at the end of the day.

That evening Ruth brought home about thirty pounds of barley which she had gleaned for the day and gave Naomi the portion of food that she had not eaten at mealtime. Plus, she told Naomi of her meeting with Boaz and the kindness he bestowed on her to which Naomi declared a blessing upon Boaz.

Following the words of Boaz and the encouragement of Naomi, Ruth gleaned both the barley and wheat harvest in Boaz’s fields.

In the laws God gave to Moses provision was made for the poor, strangers, and widows (Lev 19:9-10; Deut. 24:19-21). God was concerned about Ruth’s well-being, He guided her to the place of provision, and Ruth was able to get food, and an added blessing was being granted the privilege to glean behind the reapers. God has a way of providing for us. He will direct us to the place where our provision is to be met. For believers, we must not doubt the instructions or leadings of God but obey promptly.

Though Boaz was a prominent, wealthy man, he exhibited a godly character in the manner in which he greeted his workers and Ruth, and in the kindness and compassion that he extended to her. No matter what your status might be, be kind to all the persons you meet.

Like Ruth, God can give you more than enough. So, don’t worry about tomorrow

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