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June 16, 2018

Having just completed blogging the Samson Series my attention was drawn to the book of Judges and I started looking at the various narratives found in it which I found appealing and thought-provoking. Hence, I have decided to do a series on that book.

The book of Judges whose author is unknown covers the period of 1,220 -1050 BC, from the death of Joshua through the rise of Samuel. Since I am blogging solely on the book of Judges, I will not include Eli or Samuel who was considered judges but their stories are found in 1 Samuels.

Before I blog the first chapter let me share a little background history of this book. In Exodus and Leviticus Israel was given the laws, commandments, and statues by which they were to conduct themselves. In Joshua they entered and partially conquered areas in the promise land; thus, in many areas locales remained under the authority of the Canaanites and other inhabitants. Also, it is believed that the book is not written chronologically since the judges who were over different tribes were located in the various area of Canaan and some of the captivities and deliverances took place around the same time.

The book of Judges reveals how Israel chose to follow the laws, commandments, and statues that they received and the consequences for their repetitive actions of disobedience. Additionally, God’s grace and love for Israel is repeatedly seen as He sent them judges who were civil and military leaders, and who delivered them out of their captivity.

Judges chapter three thru sixteen reveals the seven apostasies of Israel, their oppression, their repentance, and their deliverance. Chapters seventeen thru twenty-one highlights the social and moral depravity of Israel, its decline, and degradation.

Finally, I have found in God’s Word He provides us with keys for spiritual warfare and instructions and answers for everyday life situations. Some of these things are not easily seen; somethings must be uncovered to discover the solution. It is my prayer in this series you will find the solution to problems and questions, the eyes of your understanding will be enlightened, revelation knowledge will flow in abundance, and you will gain keys for your spiritual battles.



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