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November 3, 2017

In this third and final cycle of debatable speeches, only two of Job’s friends speak and in return as previously seen Job gives a rebuttal speech to each of them.

Eliphaz begins this cycle, continuing his argument that Job sinned; however, this time he makes innumerable charges on how Job sinned by mistreating those that were poor and defenseless. He ends his argument by exhorting Job to get in right relationship with God, which would cause God’s favor to return to him.

Job shares his thoughts that God’s presence has been absent from his life, that he desires to find Him and present his case to Him, that he does not comprehend how God works for life is not fair, and he further asserts that the wicked who appear to flourish though their deeds are evil will ultimately receive their due.

Bildad answers Job in this cycle with a short speech which highlights the power, majesty, and wisdom of God, and he suggested in God’s sight, no man is perfect.

In Job’s final reply to his friends he maintains his innocence, reveals his desire for wisdom on how God operates and makes this profound statement in Job 28:28 “Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom and to depart from evil is understanding.” Also, he reflects on the time he was prospering, laments on his present state, and he concludes with a list of his favorable acts which display his positive ethical behavior.

I conclude this blog with these reflections:

  1. As I said in my previous blog, people will wrongly judge you and accuse you of things that you have not done.
  2. When people have their mind made up concerning something, it is hard to convince them otherwise.
  3. Don’t waste your time trying to convince people who you are, just be yourself.
  4. God may not respond to your turmoil; he may not answer your pleas to be heard when you want him; instead, God will speak in His time.
  5. The key to wisdom is fearing/reverencing God.
  6. Despite all that, you may be experiencing, don’t stop pursuing God.
  7. God is merciful and long-suffering in his dealing with man; He does not mete out judgment swiftly.
  8. In comparison to the majesty and awesomeness of God, man is nothing.
  9. When administered correctly, your words can bring help, healing, and hope.
  10. Suffering can make you bitter or better.


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