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August 25, 2017

Nehemiah chapter 12 opens by listing the priest and Levites who accompanied Zerubbabel from Babylon to Jerusalem and then it shares the preparation and dedication ceremony of the Jerusalem wall.

Prior to the dedication a ritual purification was done by the priests, Levites, people, and to the gates, and the wall. Following this the celebrants from the entire province which included the princes of Judah, leading authorities, Levites, singers and a vast concourse of people were organized into two processions. Ezra led one group and Nehemiah led the other. Ezra and his group marched on the right side of the wall, while Nehemiah and his group went in the opposite direction on the left side of the wall with both groups engaged in united praises and meeting up and assembling in the vicinity of the temple. Upon their arrival a joyous celebratory dedication service of great sacrifices and thanksgiving commenced with singing and the playing of cymbals, psalteries and harps. It was also noted that the rejoicing of this service was so great it was heard even afar off.

The chapter ends with attention being once again given to the maintenance of the temple personnel which consisted of priest, Levites, gatekeepers, porters and singers with offerings, first fruits and tithes by appointed overseers.

The gleaning points that I received from this chapter are:

  1. When goals have been achieved and things are successfully completed it is time for a joyous celebration.
  2. Remember to give thanks.
  3. Offer praise thankfully and joyfully.
  4. Don’t be a spectator, be a participant.
  5. Everyone should worship not just worship leaders.
  6. See that none is excluded in worship; let the whole family be included.
  7. Everyone has a right to enjoy the fruits of their committed labor.
  8. Work done by all should be celebrated by all.
  9. To receive the complete benefits of worship and to effectively worship it is necessary for self-purification.
  10. Levites had singing assignments, they were appointed to sing.
  11. When building, build strong.
  12. Build your walls strong enough to handle the weight of the people.
  13. When you praise God openly for what He has done your enemies will both see and hear.
  14. Believers should willingly give to the support of the ministry.
  15. Everyone is not qualified to handle the treasury, appoint responsible persons to do the job.
  16. Your actions live on beyond your lifetime; think generationally.


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