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December 17, 2016

2 Corinthians 3:1-2 Are we starting to commend ourselves again? Or do we need, like some [false teachers], letters of recommendation to you or from you? [No!] 2 You are our letter [of recommendation], written in our hearts, recognized and read by everyone. (Amplified Bible)

Apparently some false teachers had come to the church of Corinth with recommendations and others upon leaving Corinth had received recommendations; thusly, in the above verses Paul is addressing the believers concerning his need of no recommendation. Paul told the church they were his recommendation and the conversion that they experienced and the change in their lifestyle was living proof of his authenticity.

Though we live in a different age then Paul there are some things that remain the same. As people we watch, study, praise, copy, and criticize the lives of people around us. With our modern technology and the many available media outlets that our world provides for us we can take a seat and view the personal lives of others. Our lives have become an open book and people are watching to see if we are living what we preach or that which we testify. Paul knew and understood this; therefore, he boldly declared not only his life but the life of the congregants of the church of Corinth are being read by men.

Your life and the fruit that you bear is a living epistle that people read. Your character and how you responded to situations are being noted by those you encounter. Negative behavior, complaining, unstableness, and acts of immaturity are influencing what people think about you. For some, the saying, “You are your own worst enemy” is true for their actions are giving the public ammunition to criticize and condemn them.

Today, with all of this in mind my prayer for all of us is that we will display a maturity that will be pleasing to God and positively affect the lives of those that are reading us.


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