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December 5, 2015

As it was in my last blog, I am inspired to write this blog from the chapter on Judges that I read in Henriette Mears’ book, “WHAT THE BIBLE IS ALL ABOUT.” The first paragraph reads as thus, “Someone has called the book of Judges the account of the Dark Ages of the Israelite people. The people forsook God (Judges 2:13), and God forsook the people (Judges 2:23)”.

If you read the book of Judges, a repeated verse that you find in the book states, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Apparently, it did not matter that they had the laws of God by which they were expected to live. Repeatedly we see the children of Israel going into captivity because of their actions, repenting and God sending them a deliverer to help get them out of bondage. They were faithful to God as long as the deliverer remained alive, but after their demise, the Israelites fell back into their sinful ways. Here is how Henriette describes that time, “And so the book is full of rebellion, punishment, misery, and deliverance. The book begins with compromise and ends with confusion. This is what happens in every unsurrendered life.”

As I look around the world and see and hear about the senseless violence and lawlessness, I truly feel that I am living in the times of the judges where everyone was doing what was right in their eyes. I notice the world appears oblivious to God until a disaster occurs then they are calling for a prayer meeting, and some have the audacity to blame God for the problem.

God has always wanted to be our king. His relationship with Adam was harmonious until Adam listened to the wrong voices. He chooses Abraham and his descendants to make them a great theocratic nation that was solely under His rulership. He desired a loving relationship that was not forced but done out of love, respect, and allegiance. He wanted to be their “I am God,” but unfortunately Israel collectively and individually wanted to do their thing. There is a saying, “History repeats itself.” The body of Christ appears to be acting like Israel during the time of the judges. We are falling into the same snares as Israel, and we need our deliverer who is God to come and rescue us, but we are having difficulty surrendering to Him.

Most of us know Satan desires humans to have his nature, to be rebellious, and to make decisions apart from God. He wants us to be in charge of our lives, which ultimately mean he’s in charge. It is not hard to change this condition for we have a deliverer that is always present. A simple acknowledgment will do, “God, I have a problem, and I need your help.” God is willing and able; all He wants us to do is allow Him to be in charge.

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