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June 12, 2015

USAGE = The act, way, manner, or amount of using or treating someone or thing.

Over the past months, I have blogged on twenty-two kinds of test, and this is the last one in this series. I compiled my list from a material that I read in several books; therefore, this list is not limited to what I have shared, for I am sure you could probably name several that I have not included in my blogs. If you do have any, please send them to me via comments.

This last test in this series is labeled the usage test, and it is described as when an individual experiences a lack of opportunities, invitations, or demand to utilize their ministry gift. For this last test rather than use a Bible character, I will share my own experience as it relates to this test.

I stand in the office of a teacher, and over the years, I have received numerous prophecies concerning my ministry and the lives of the people that it will touch. I have diligently recorded the words that I have received and occasionally review them to see whether they have come to pass. I feel as if I am in a holding pattern, for 80% of the words that I received have yet to come to fruition. Some would label this time as incubation, dormancy, waiting, or isolation.

I have learned that like animals that gather their food and store it, that I am to use this time productively: learning, studying, and preparing texts for the future. While I am waiting on my word, the activities in which I participate locally such as periodically teaching the adult Sunday school class in my church, the weekly Bible class I teach in a nursing home in our community, and the blogging I have done for several years enhances my gift. If Jesus returns before the fruition of my word, I don’t want him to rebuke me for hiding my gift in the ground; at least I am doing something with it.

Also, if I need to make attitude adjustments, this time has afforded me the opportunity to make those corrections. Often I must remind myself that God is in control of my life; He is ordering my steps, and in His timing, I will accomplish all that He has purposed for my life. Age is not a factor in usage, for God uses senior citizens. So, though I have not gone to the masses I am utilizing this time wisely for only the future will tell if the words I received were correct and it is my intention to pass the usage test successfully.

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, this is the last blog in this test series. I pray this series has helped and encouraged you in whatever test you may be experiencing, and I look forward to meeting you here again with my next blog installment. Until that time, God be with you.

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Great post! Your story is similar of how I’ve felt over the last several yrs and appreciate you sharing that even in your time of “incubation” you’re continuing to do work that will enhance whats inside of and been spoken over you. Please stay encouraged!

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