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October 18, 2014

In Psalm 11:4-5a David states these words, “The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven: his eyes behold, his eyelids try, the children of men. The Lord trieth the righteous.” In the bible the actual word “test” is not found; however, the two words “try” and “trieth” as seen in the above scripture in the Hebrew language means to test, and these similar words can be found numerous times.

The dictionary meaning for the word test is: an examination, experiment, or trial, as to prove the value or ascertain the nature of something; a method, process, or means used in making such an examination or trial; a standard or criterion by which the qualities of a thing are tried; an event, set of circumstances, that proves or tries a person’s quality; a set of questions, problems, or exercises for determining a person’s knowledge, abilities, aptitude, or qualifications; an examination.

Throughout the Bible, we see nations and individuals being tested by God. In Psalm 11, David realized that his life experiences were not just some random occurrences, but God was testing him. Recognizing this fact, I desire to share with you the various tests that are depicted in scripture and the results of these tests.

There are three components to a test, and they are the tester, the testee, and the test. The tester is the person who prepares you for the test by giving you information on the test in advance. The tester uses tools to accomplish this goal. The testee is the one who is taking the test. It is their responsibility to learn and study by using the tools give to them by the tester. The test is the instrument used to see if the information previously given was successfully learned. For this series the tester is God, the testee will be either a person or nation and the test will be the event that is experienced

In my study, I have found approximately twenty-two kinds of test. I am not sure that I will blog on all of them; but as the Holy Spirit leads, I believe I will be sharing the ones that will be beneficial to all of us.

In my next blog, I will further discuss the three components to a test. I am looking forward to sharing with you, so please check out my blog every week. Until then, God bless and strengthen you as you go through your time of testing

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