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January 4, 2014

Since believers are filled with the Holy Spirit, they cannot be possessed with demons which are disembodied spirits that seek to inhabit a body and manifest themselves in misbehavior. Believers, however, are guilty of allowing demons to hoover in their atmosphere and giving them access thru open gates. We, believers, are also guilty of being carnal and not spiritual. We allow weights and sins to beset us EASILY. We prefer to be babies and not grow up. We think God accepts our faults. Therefore, we are negligent in warfare and in leaving gates available thru which demonic forces can enter.

The dictionary defines a gate as an opening permitting passage through an enclosure. To better understand this concept, let me share some gates and examples of access.

1. Gates of the senses: eye, ear, touch, taste, smell
Example: Unwholesome things you watch on television, ungodly music to which you
listen, human flesh that you should not touch, reefer smoke that you should not be
smelling, the food the doctor told you not to eat, and using foul language

2. Gate of the mind
Example: Allowing the mind to think thoughts that are not edifying.

3. Gate of hereditary
Example: Known family generational curses that we accept in our lives.

4. Gate of sibling rivalry
Example: Practicing favoritism among siblings which breeds ill- will.

5. Gate of childhood trauma
Example: Events in your childhood years that have negatively impacted and
stagnated you from which you have not been delivered.

6. Gates of abuse: physical, mental, sexual
Example: Beatings, bullying, harassment, rape, molestation, incest, and bestiality

7. Gate of rejection/abandonment
Example: Divorce, adoptions, and deaths.

8. Gate of marital discord
Example: Continual strife in the home without seeking peaceful godly resolution.

9. Gate of sin
Example: Practicing the works of the flesh without repentance

10. Occult Gates:
Example: Horoscopes, palm reading, Ouija boards, fortune telling,
witchcraft, séances, levitation, etc.

Gates are not limited to the ones I have above described. Each one of us knows the gates that are in our lives. What is important is the realization that when we engage in any of the example behaviors, I identified we are opening the gate thru which demons can infiltrate our lives.

How can we keep these gates close?

1. Be filled with the Holy Spirit.

2. Learn to be sensitive to the spirit. Know that though we live in this world, we are not
of this world. Ask God to make you aware of the spiritual realm.

3. Take authority over your atmosphere and resist demonic infiltration.

4. Seek deliverance if you are experiencing continual demonic activity in the same
areas of your life.

I pray this blog has given insight and motivation in your spiritual warfare. My next blog will continue in this vein as I discuss, “How to keep your deliverance.”

  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve visited this web site before but after
    browsing through many of the posts I realized it’s new to me.

    Anyways, I’m definitely happy I came across it and I’ll
    be book-marking it and checking back regularly!

  2. brenda h permalink

    thank you for reinforcing these principles.

  3. paula greene permalink

    Thank you Dr joyce, I so appreciate your diligence in preparing this article. It is a much needed eye opener. I will share with the church we must watch those gates.

    • Season Greetings, if you get a chance read the blog before this one, “Authority conscious” for me it has been revolutionary.

      • Paula Greene permalink

        Yes I will. Thx u I need revolutionary On Jan 4, 2014 3:48 PM, “The Teacher’s Pick” wrote:

        > joyceweekssmith commented: “Season Greetings, if you get a chance read > the blog before this one, “Authority conscious” for me it has been > revolutionary.”

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