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April 27, 2012

John is shown by one of the vial judgment angels the New Jerusalem or Holy City in its’ bejeweled splendor descending out of heaven to the earth. This city looked like a bride dressed for her husband.

The shape of the city is square, approximately fourteen hundred miles on each side and fourteen hundred miles high. The jasper walls were two hundred sixteen feet thick, and the city and streets were made of metallic gold.

This city had twelve oyster pearl gates which remained open twenty-four hours a day, and one name of the twelve tribes of Israel written on each gate. There were three gates in each direction with an angel standing at each gate.

There were twelve foundations of the city with each having the name of one of the apostles and each garnished with a precious stone.

There was a river of water of life with trees of life on its side which bare twelve kinds of fruits each month and had medicinal leaves on it.

There will be no night, no candles but the continuous light from the presence of Jesus.

A loud voice from heaven states that God will abide with men in this city, believers sealed with His name in their forehead will be his people, and He will be their God. The sin of idolatry will not be found here.

I conclude with this thought. Heaven was not made to be the home of believers. A new city on earth with magnificence beyond our imagination and comprehension will be our home. Only God could create a place like this.

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