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March 26, 2012

In Revelation chapter fifteen, another heavenly scene is revealed to John. First, he sees seven angels with the seven last judgments. Then he sees and hears victorious believers who had not succumbed to the plan of the Antichrist singing a song of deliverance, redemption, and worship to God.

The scene closes with the seven angels with the seven last plagues coming out of the temple of the tabernacle, and from one of the four living creatures that are around the throne, each received a golden vial full of the wrath of God. Then the Shekinah glory fills the temple prohibiting further entrance into it until the last judgment is completed.

In some Bible translations, the word “vial” is used, and in others, the word “bowl” is used. They both have the same meaning: a hollow vessel. I will be using the word “vial” in my blogs.

The actual pouring out of these judgments begins in chapter sixteen. God’s angels do not act on their own accord. They are given directions and told when to move. They held on to the vials until they were told to go. Unlike us, they know how to wait.

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