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March 16, 2012

In reading Revelation chapter twelve, which tells the ongoing struggle between Israel and Satan, an understanding of biblical history helps place past and future events in its’ proper order.

The chapter opens by introducing us to a woman who represents the nation of Israel. This woman who is travailing in the delivery of a child is depicted with the glory and dominion, which has been a promise to Israel in the future.

Also we are introduced to a great red dragon who is Satan, the Devil, or the old serpent. Throughout history, Satan has been busy. First, he can cause havoc and rebellion in heaven resulting in one- third of the angels being cast out of heaven to earth.

Next, he unsuccessfully attempts to kill the newly born Jesus who lived, was crucified, resurrected to heaven and in the future will return to earth to rule with a rod of iron during the millennium kingdom.

In the middle of the tribulation, there is a great war in the heavens between the archangel Michael and his angels against Satan and his angels, which ends with Satan and his host being expelled from heaven. The heavenly host rejoices that Satan is prohibited from heaven, and we are reminded that the blood of Jesus, our testimony and willingness to die for the gospel causes us to be overcomers.

Knowing his time is short and now confined to earth Satan’s anger, and wrath is fueled against Israel whom he persecutes and attempts to annihilate via a flood.  God helps Israel to escape from Jerusalem into the wilderness where He protects them for three and a half years. The attention of Satan is then directed at the Godly remnant of Israel that was left in Jerusalem. His plan for them is a war, and the trauma Israel will experience is terrible!

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