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February 22, 2012

Chapter seven covers three different events in three different locations. First, the chapter begins with a short description of the activities of angels in our atmosphere. We learn angels are territorial and on assignment. They have extraordinary strength for four of them are holding back the four winds from harming the earth. These same angels, when instructed will cause destruction to the environment.

Secondly, on earth, there will be twelve thousand servants of God from each tribe of Israel, totaling one hundred forty-four thousand.  Notably missing was the tribe of Dan; however, it was replaced with the tribe of Manasses. The reason why this was done was not given. These servants are sealed on their forehead by an angel, which will supernaturally prevent them from being harmed during their tribulation ministry. Further discussion on these servants will be given in chapter fourteen.

Thirdly, in heaven there will be no ethnic division, social status, or racial prejudice, for we see a great number of people that came out of the great tribulation (the second half of the tribulation) from all nations, cultures, socioeconomic groups praising God together with the four beast, angels and twenty-four elders. The bible says God will meet all the needs of this great multitude of people, and they will not experience any discomfiture.

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