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January 26, 2012

The church of Laodicea was located in a city of economic prosperity and social prominence.

Jesus greets this church, acknowledging Himself as the first, last, faithful, and final authority.

No expressions of commendations were found here. They were rebuked for being spiritually lukewarm. Materialism overshadowed their spirituality; thusly, causing awareness of their true condition (wretchedness, misery, nakedness, blindness, and spiritual poverty) to be lacking.

Jesus exhorted them to invest in righteousness, purity, spiritual insight, zealousness, and repentance. The promise to the overcomer was a place of honor and rulership.

The characteristics and state of this church were that of a rich, materialistic, complacent church.

When I studied this church, which supposedly represents this present age, I was saddened, and tears came to my eyes. Here is a picture of our Savior standing outside of the church knocking, trying to get in, and attempting fellowship. This is a colossal indictment against us.  I am sure we ask Him in when we have a need, but as soon as that need is met, like the children of Israel, we soon forget Him and kick Him back to the curb. My prayer for all of us and our churches is that this scenario is not existing in our lives.

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